5 Essential tools to build a website

Modern website building tools that make "creating" process easier

All businesses, both established and start-ups, profit more from having a developed website.

Fortunately, the wide array of tools to build a website has made it easy to create your own.

Unlike web building solutions that were available before, modern tools leverage new technologies that make your website fast and mobile responsive.

With this, you can build anything, including a simple single-page website to a well-designed and professional e commerce store.

However, to achieve this, below are some of the best tools to build a website.


wordpress - web publisher

The inclusion of WordPress in this list as among the best tools to build a website shouldn’t come as a surprise. It is one of the popular and easy to use website building tool used by over 80 million websites. WordPress initially began as a basic blogging platform (.com) before morphing into an advanced website builder(.org). It enables users to create websites of their liking, ranging from forums, business websites, membership, e commerce sites, and more.

Unlike other similar tools, such as Weebly and Wix, WordPress is free for starters. You can customize your WordPress site to suit your needs without restrictions as well. However, like other websites, you should register for web hosting and domain name. Similarly, you might need to purchase premium extensions and WordPress themes for a better response.

WordPress is a flexible tool and a popular choice for many reasons. Among them, include;

Open code access – users can access all the codes they require to power this tool. With this, you can customize and add new features. This comes in handy if you need an advanced website with customized tools for extra functionality.

Access to professional community – since WordPress is a popular website building tool, you can easily find good WordPress developers. Those who want to build their sites individually can also learn from the wide pool of tutorials on how to use the tool.

Multiple plugins – unlike other website building tools with restricted additions, WordPress is an open-source platform. As such, anyone equipped with coding skills can create and add new plugins, themes, and other features. This probably explains why the tool has the biggest plugin library compared to other website builders.

Theme: GeneratePress

generatepress worpress theme

Once you are done with building your website platform with WordPress, finding a good theme is the next step. In this case, GeneratePress should be your theme of choice. GeneratePress is a lightweight and popular WordPress theme with several positive reviews and more than 200,000 installs. This free theme focuses on excellent performance. As mentioned, it is a lightweight theme, with less than 30KB, making it the smallest WordPress theme available.

Professionals building WordPress sites for their clients mostly prefer this theme. It is a multipurpose theme as it functions expertly and adapts into multiple niches, irrespective of the type of website. The theme is available in two versions. The Core GeneratePress is a free version, while the GeneratePress Premium Version, which provides more functionality, has subscriptions.

GeneratePress is a great tool to build a website if you want a great performing website and the ability to customize how your websites looks like. The recent inclusion of a pre-built site library has further made this tool easier to install and use.


Elementor website building tool

Elementor is another excellent website building tool for WordPress. The tool has proven effectiveness, if the more than 2 million active installations globally are anything to consider. It is a popular tool for web designers in Europe, the US, and the UK. The tool works perfectly for both beginners and experienced website developers.

Like other popular WordPress website builders, Elementor is a drag and drop tool with fully customizable elements. It is a great choice for beginners as no coding is required, but you can add some codes to propel your website to any direction. What makes Elementor among the essential tools to build a profitable website is because users can design, develop, and market simultaneously. This saves on production cost and time. Learning and mastering its use is also easy.


canva website building tool

Any complete and profitable website should have high-quality graphics. For this case, Canva is a must-have website tool. The tool makes it possible to create high-quality images, informative graphs for guides and featured images for blog posts. Canva features custom images and graphics that make it possible to take your website to the next level, impressing your site visitors with a professional outlook.

Simply put, this tool is an online photo editing and graphic design platform. Website developers can use it in creating custom graphics from the available templates or from scratch. It also enables users to enhance their photos with various effects and textures. While others may opt for other photo editing tools such as Illustrator and Photoshop, Canva offers a low-cost yet high-quality option.

Website builders can use Canva to edit pictures to improve their quality, create graphs that ease sharing of data, design website graphics that enhance posts, and leverage Canva templates and layouts to simplify the designing process.


iwritter website building tool

The tools mentioned above can help you create a basic website. However, in the current world, content is king. Quality content is what will drive and retain potential customers on your website. As such, access to a quality pool of writers is vital for any website looking for success in the online space. This is where Iwritter comes in.

The platform comes to the rescue of website developers and e commerce businesses looking for fresh content for their sites. Hiring freelancers on the wrong site is a recipe for wasted time and resources. That said, Iwritter provides unlimited access to writers well versed in multiple industries, a wide pool of talents, and affordable rates.

The Bottom Line

Building a website requires extensive knowledge of various essential tools.

Over time, the list containing essential tools to build a website keeps changing.

Fortunately, unlike initially available tools, modern website building tools make the development process an easy experience, even for inexperienced web developers.

For better performance, ensure that your website is fast and mobile responsive.

Besides, make use of photos and videos to optimize the website.

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