5 smart ways to win your prospects trust

In this article we would like to share on how your can smartly build your prospect’s trust.

Building trust with your prospect is not only time consuming, but also a tiring business.  It’s required time, focus, and effort.

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    Technology has change the way we communicate

    Technology has changed the way we make a relationship with our prospects. 

    For the shake of efficiency and time consuming, we tend to:

    1. Writing email instead of sending a letter
    2. Sending an electronic greeting card instead of a real greeting card.
    3. Using social media instead of a real telephone call

    We get it! You want to get it fast and make the communication easy.

    The point is the technology makes communication easy.

    And believe it or not, developing a relationship in business takes time, effort, and focus.

    It’s a tiring business, but it is a necessary process for a successful business.

    Paul G Krasnow from YFS Magazine wrote that the technology could enhance a client relationship, but it’s no substitution for personal contact.

    He also gives tips on how to balance the technology and personal touch:

    1. Do not let technology become your primary communication tool.
    2. Pick-up phone regularly
    3. Pay attention to client communication preferences
    4. Be thoughtful and deliberate with social media
    5. Use email and to share relevant and compelling content

    These are the five smart techniques to develop your relationship with your prospects.

    # 1 - Sending a thank you card or greeting card, the smart and simple way to build trust.

    When was the last time that you wrote a note or greeting card using your handwriting? Did you send a Christmas or Holiday Greeting card to your friends and family?

    Some of you might think that we are out fashioned couple that cannot embrace new technology.  You can call us whatever you want, but this traditional method works.  Your prospects appreciated your extra effort and kept the communication line open to you.

    Most of our prospects remember us and continue to communicate with my wife and me.  Some of them become loyal customers, but most of them remain friends and regularly in touch with us.

    We get many questions from our readers about creating a personalized approach if your prospect lives in a different town or country.

    • Telephone Call is the most common media to use if your prospect is living far from where you live or in another country.
    • With the advancement in technology, you can even do a video call to greet him or her happy birthday, and so on.

    # 2 - Remember, your prospect is a person

    You may probably hear this phrase: People buy people, not a product! I know some of you might think that you only want to move product fast and close the deal as much as you can. Nothing wrong with that thought.

    But what is the cost to deal with an unhappy customer?

    If you are running your own business, an unhappy customer can cost you your business (perhaps not financially) but more to create a bad reputation for you.  Yes, your business means you, and you signify your business.

    On the other hand, a happy customer can help to make your business thrive.

    It is not a simple process, but there is a way to do it. It is required you to change the perspective on how to approach your prospects.

    1. Be genuine curious

    It would be best if you had a genuine interest in your prospects.  Understanding the issue, what situation they are in now, and focusing on helping your prospects. 

    Each of your potential customers has a unique characteristic.  It may look the same, but each of your potential clients has different needs.  You should listen more and stop assuming.

    Listen more and be genuine; your prospect knows whether you are in only for your profit or there because you want to help them.

    Work together with your prospect is the best way to build a long-term relationship.

    2. Understand your prospects

    The ideas of all prospects are the same is insane. 

    Spending time with your potential clients and getting to know them is the right way to do it. 

    Channeling them to the proper funnel, helping them solve their issue will help you build your business.

    3. Be honest

    You might have the best products or solutions in the whole world, but it may not fit your potential customer. 

    Be honest; not all your products or solutions fit your potential customer.

    Instead of throwing all arguments to a simple question or objection, address the problem or objection with curiosity; as we discussed above, do not assume. 

    Find out the real problem and understand why your client raises that question or objection.

    Being honest and showing your potential clients that you understand and genuinely want to help them solve their current issues will increase your chances of building a long-term relationship with your prospects.

    # 3 - Keep in touch

    The hard part of staying in touch with your prospective clients or clients is communicating regularly without being too pushy. 

    The last thing you want to do is to annoy your prospects or put them off.

    These are some of the guidelines on how to do it:

    1. It is not about you, but it’s about them.

    How many times did we receive a “Follow-up” email and did not even bother to open it?

    Most of them only showing one side of the story – them, not us.  Remember that it is not about you. 

    One of our favorites follow-ups or regular “Staying in touch” email is when the sender seems to care about our business genuinely. 

    From time to time, one of our business coaches send us information or recommend books and training to grow our business. 

    It is personal, does not seem to be a bulk email, and show that she cares about our company.

    2. Connecting the dot

    No one can build their business alone (well, we know, some of you might not agree with us), but in fact, having a support group or someone that can help your business is essential.

    It goes for you too; helping someone grow their business will give you a new perspective and grow your business.

    Introducing your contact to your prospect (for example, within the same area, city, etc.) might help you to grow your network, and at the same time, build your relation and trust with your prospect.

    Although you must remember that both should agree to the introduction, most of all, you should know precisely that this introduction will strengthen and add value to their business.

    3. Socialize, don’t stalk!

    We get it, and you want to show your engagement to your prospective client or clients. But, you will not comment or retweet every single post that your friend update, right?

    Following your client or prospect, tweeter, Instagram, or other social media is a good thing. 

    But you should engage in a meaningful and genuine way. 

    The last thing you want to do is giving your potential prospect the perception that you are stalking them.

    4. Celebrate their success