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My wife and I have been working together building our business for the last 18 years. We would like to share how couple can build their business together, turning their hobbies or passion into profitable business through blogging.


We are an ordinary family. We live in a small town in beautiful southern part of Sweden. We want to have some other source of income that we can use to increase our quality time as family. We start looking for opportunity, and through time we realize the new opportunity is “Internet Business”, where you can reach potential buyer from all over the world, or you can have a superstore without even own a physical store and inventories, or having your own brand (Shoes, merchandise, etc) without even owning a factory. The opportunities is endless.

Back in early 2000 we started to create a travel website where you can book accommodation, car rental, and flight.  We did not have any coach nor previous background in IT. We have to go through all the mistake and find the way to reach our customer by our self. But no words can describe your feeling when you received the first booking online. Since then, we know that we want to focus to build our internet business. We created other website from hotels and flights comparison site, to drop shipping site selling socks and bow ties.


How we went from a brick and mortar entrepreneur to internet market…

We want to take control of our life, and creating better tomorrow for our family, and our next generation.
We want to create a business that we can do regardless where we live, a freedom.

Being a small business owner, you cannot just move or going away for holiday. There are a lot of things to consider, and fixed before you can do that.

We decided, since our brick and mortar business flourish, to re-invest our money to build our online business. Moreover, the feeling of someone book, or read our blog is beyond words.

We always ask our self, what if we have coach and proper training back then? A system that can help us to reach where we are now without going through all the struggle and pain.

A system that provides not only knowledge, training, technology back up, but also environment that can help you to success through community, and support.

We realize that those elements are playing important role to build successful and long term internet business.

Through long research finally we found the system that we believe simple, but yet powerful that can help an internet entrepreneurs like us, and even beginner to build a successful internet business.


Wealthy Affiliate is an online business platform.  It is all inclusive solutions.

Their training program, and online class helps us understand the steps by steps process to create thrive and profitable affiliate marketing business.

Read more about our review about Wealthy Affiliate here


Whether you are dreaming to have extra income to pay your rent, or to build your retirement portfolio, we are here to help. We understand how difficult it is to build a business especially on your own. My wife and I created this website with one goal in mind, to become your number one resource and extra hand to build your online family business.

If you ever need a hand or have a questions, feel free to leave them below and we will be more than happy to help you out.

Talk to you soon,

Kalle & Marie

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