Affiliate Marketing Website – Start earning money from home.

We have not meet anyone that do not want to make extra money, have you? Especially when it comes to making extra money online from home.

Creating an affiliate marketing website is one of many options to make  from home. It does not require to manufacture a product, and no heavy investment needed.

So, How to set-up affiliate marketing site?

First, we want to remind you how affiliate marketing website works:

One – Someone browses internet and find your article / website content, and through your article you persuade them to click the affiliate link (link that the product owner gave you, it is normally content your unique affiliate id – so the product owner can identify where the recommendation coming from).

Two – Your visitor then (ideally) buy or complete the task (set of action that determined by product owner – for example: download e-book, or newsletter subscription).

Three – You (or we used to call – publisher), will get commission when the product owner verified the sales or completed task.

How do I set-up affiliate marketing website?

Technically, you do not have to have a website if you want to earn money from affiliate marketing. But then, you must have a lot of budget to spend in advertising, and you do not want to set up a hit-and-run business, do you?


We suggest you start with a good and reliable platform, we used wordpress to create our website. It is easy to use, and easy to manage. Some hosting company even provide wordpress for free.

Domain Name

A domain name adds a credibility to your business, that is why choosing a domain name is important.

If you publish your website in free hosting site, you site will be refer to as www.yourhosting.com/-yourwebsitname. Well, you can, but it does not give you a credibility.  You want your website visitor to trust you, and recognize your brand (yourbrand.com)

Owning a domain is not a complicated process. It is simply registering your domain to domain registration company such as godaddy, domain, name, iwantyourname, etc.

Affiliate Marketing Website Sample

Si Quan Ong, marketing at ahref, site audit company, doing research on different amazon affiliate marketing site

Here is some of the affiliate marketing website sample:


Screenshot - homegrounds.co

Key stats:

  • Domain rating: 63
  • Number of referring domain: 1.320
  • Number of keywords it ranks for: 136.000
  • Estimated organic traffic: 244.000
  • Site age: 5 years (since 2015)

Why they are doing so well:

According to owner Alex Azoury during the interview, the commitment to publish content that outperform the competitor is priority number one, second create content that can help solved their target market “Home Barista” problem.


Screenshot - dogfoodadvisor.com

Key stats:

  • Domain rating: 76
  • Number of referring domain: 5.890
  • Number of keywords it ranks for: 203.000
  • Estimated organic traffic: 594.000
  • Site age: 12 years (since 2008)

Why they are doing so well:

Mike Sagman realize that the pet market is enormous. It is estimated to $ 75 billion. But instead of writing about pet in general, he focuses on dog food. Today, he and his team have rated more than 5.500 dog food. His site become number one source when it comes to dog food review.

Find out more about Affiliate Marketing Website Example here

In conclusion, Si Quan Ong, also mentioned that it is not a difficult task, but it takes a hard work, persistence, patient, and have strong long term and short term goal.

How to create great content for your affiliate marketing site


Finding you niche could be one of the terrible and horrifying process for affiliate marketing.

What is the relation between creating great content and finding niche?

Well, remember the dogfoodadvisor from the affiliate marketing website example above. Dog food is the niche for pet food.

A lot of “teacher” out there talking about niche, but what is niche, how do I find my niche?

Here is some simple way to find your niche:

What is your hobby? Something that interest you.

Be careful, think long and through before answering that question, because you should not only have passion about your hobby, but also you should enjoy writing about it.

That is the beginning of your journey.  You have to set your focus, something that you want to spend time and energy.

Sample Niche

Let’s say your hobby is to cook, through google search you will find that there are a lot of cooking blog out there. So, you have to be more specific, for example: healthy vegan diet, and if you want to really rank in search engine, you can make it more specific, for example: Raw Food, there are not so many competitions.

You understand where we are going, right?

The more appealing your niche the harder for you to break the page one position in search engine. You should be more specific and find niche which less appealing but have broad spectrum to write.

You can test and research your idea using keyword research tool here

Once you are comfortable with your niche it is time to write a great content for your site.

Creating great content for your site

Let’s go back to homegrounds website. Remember that Alex Azoury mentioned about focusing their content to solve problem of their target audience (Home Barista). You should address all your article to solve your audience problem.

Read step by step guide on how to write great content

Ok, we take the Raw Food as an example, it is obvious that your audience is someone that required help with their diet program.

But, we can get  more specific.  The best way to do is to create imaginary target audience. For example – we want to help Maggy and family (2 children between age of 8 and 12).

Focus into 3 categories that can help Maggy and family to live a healthy life by using raw food as their main diet program.

Focus Category 01: Raw Food Recipes

Focus Category 02: Raw Food for Beginner

Focus Category 03: Review Tools (Cooking Equipments, Utensil) / places (restaurant/take-away) / Website, etc

You see, now you have base where you can write your great content for your Raw Food website.

You can write sub-category for each focus category.  But remember, the objective should help Maggy and family to have live beter life by preparing and eating raw food. (for this sample case)

Focus Category 1 : Raw Food Recipes

  • 29 Raw vegan recipes you do not want to miss
  • Raw carrot cake ball – ultimate children snack.
  • and so on…

 Focus Category 2: Raw Food For Beginner

  • A beginner guide to raw food.
  • 5 Facts about raw food that you never know.
  • and so on…

Are you still with us? Let's make this happen, shall we?

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