Best Insurance Affiliate Marketing Programs for Your Affiliate Website

Insurance affiliate marketing program is one alternative to earn money online.

There are many insurance affiliate programs on the web, and we’ll highlight in this article.

Compare to other alternative, building an affiliate marketing site is a lot easier, and it is also easy to to start and scale.

However, you also have to ensure that your website’s design is ideal and appealing for readers, and its speed also has to be top-notch.

Although there are plenty of affiliate website ideas, this post will mainly focus on how you can earn affiliate commissions in the insurance niche.

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Affiliate Marketing - Short Explanation.

Amazon implemented the affiliate marketing strategy in 1996, the new way to reach potential client.

In the other hand, this implementation also create opportunity to create income for you and me.

Other’s companies started to follow. This is where affiliate marketing network such as s AWIN, CJ Network, Rakuten, Clickbank, etc. come to market.

Today, more companies are using affiliate marketing as their strategies to market their product, and reaching their potential buyers.

What is an Insurance Affiliate Marketing Program?

An affiliate insurance program is the relationship between a merchant and a website owner who recommends their product.

As a publisher, a merchant pays you typically if a customer clicks on a link from your website to the merchant’s website and when they make a purchase.

This model is usually known as a commission paid to affiliates.

Insurance Industry Trends

Insurance Affiliate Marketing Program in Google Trend

Over the years, we have seen several trends in the insurance industry.

whereby the insurance industry have implemented affiliate marketing in various ways.

The programs can be utilize to drive traffic and sales to their websites.

The insurance industry has become creative and is using the online space maximumly.

For this reason, one can easily venture into insurance affiliate programs, whereby there is a lot to be gained monetary.

Top 6 insurance affiliate marketing program recommendation for your affiliate site

1. Health

The health sector is estimated to be worth $4.5 trillion.

Therefore, this has prompted many companies to strive to implement various ways by which they can win more customers.

One of these ways has been through affiliate marketing.

The Health Insurance becomes more attractive to affiliate marketer.

It is simply because they offers affiliates marketer good commissions and long cookies life.

Some of these programs even offer up USD 75.00 commission for every sale that an affiliate brings in.

Some special health insurance affiliate programs to consider include:

Affiliate Marketing - Insurance, Healthcare

Why should you promote eHealth Insurance Affiliate Programs?

eHealth Health insurance is one the top insurance company. More over, they pay high commission ($75.00), and long cookie life.

2. Life

Life insurance is another sector that has seen a significant trend in the affiliate programs that offer affiliates some commissions for every referred sale.

Life insurance is quite critical and requires you to be crucial about the programs you recommend as an affiliate.

Since the insurance industry’s competition is very stiff, choosing only the most reliable and ideal affiliate programs to recommend is the right move to make.

The trend in this industry has seen fluctuations in terms of promising programs and bad ones.

Some life insurance affiliate programs to consider joining include:

Allstate Life Insurance

Why should you join Allstate insurance affiliate marketing program?

Allstate Insurance has a remarkable reputations.  You may also earn money for free quotation (leads).

3. Auto

The auto insurance industry is quite impressive.

People looking for car insurance are always crucial and spoilt for choice due to many companies offering competitive rates.

If you have affiliate website ideas with auto insurance affiliate marketing as your niche, you have to do your own analysis and conduct as much research as possible.

Most affiliate programs in this niche offer high commissions to attract affiliates.

However, not all that glitters is always gold.

This industry has seen some pretty odd trends with various fake and spam companies coming up on the web, and shut down after swindling people millions of dollars.

Therefore, being cautious is a critical factor to consider in this sector.

Below are some ideal auto insurance affiliate programs to consider.

Liberty Mutual Insurance

Why should you join Liberty Mutual insurance affiliate marketing program?

Liberty Mutual has a remarkable reputations, and it is a leading global brand.  The program has long cookies life, and good level of commision.

4. Pet

Pets are adorable and loved by many people.

Research conducted in 2019 by the American Pet Products Association (APPA) estimates that 67% of households in the US own a pet.

The pet industries are estimated to be worth close to $10 billion.

This industry trend has been one of growth year-on-year without any anticipation of going down anytime soon.

Therefore, this is a lucrative niche to venture into, provided you join affiliate programs that are ideal and efficient to earn you a good income.

Check out below some good affiliate programs that you can join:

earn money from Pet insurance affiliate programs

Why should you join Petfirst insurance affiliate marketing program?

Generous commission plan, and petfirst is part of AMet Life Insurance, a reputable global insurance. The marketing program is manage by Flexoffers.com

5. Home

Homeowners value their homes as much as they love their health and lives.

The real estate industry is one of the largest in the market, and it’s very lucrative.

It is estimated to be worth $1.2 trillion yearly, making it one of the most competitive industries.

Most people insure their homes to avoid ending up on the streets if any accidents or loss of money.

Therefore, it has provided an opportunity for affiliate marketers to research and find suitable products that they can recommend to their readers for help.

Below are some excellent affiliate marketing programs for home insurance to join.

Lemonade Insurance - Affiliate Marketing Program

Why should you join Petfirst insurance affiliate marketing program?

Generous commission plan.  Lemonage Insurance allow affiliate marketer to earn as much as you can (No Limit Cap). 

Some other insurance company limit how much you can earn in monthly basis.

Lemonade insurance operates its affiliate program through Awin, so you’ll need an account there if you want to promote this affiliate offer.

6. Travel

The travel insurance industry is another lucrative niche to explore.

This particular niche has been a promising one with growth and opportunities yearly for affiliates.

Besides, traveling is on the list of most people’s hobbies, making it quite an ideal option to consider when looking to venture into any insurance affiliate marketing niche.

Another advantage of this niche is that many programs offer competitive commissions to affiliates, which can land you good money once your website gains popularity.

Moreover, research shows that Americans spend nearly $4 billion just on travel insurance.

Although the trends show you that this niche has a lot of opportunities to earn money as an affiliate, you still have to put in the work of producing quality content.

Some of the travel insurance affiliate programs that we recommend include:

World Nomads - travel affiliate partner program

Why should you join Petfirst insurance affiliate marketing program?

World Nomads is one of the respective travel insurance. 

You will be able to sell to the resident of 130 countries worldwide.

The company also offers ready made content to drive your sales.

How do I sign up to Insurance Affiliate Marketings Programs

So you are thinking how do I start earning money from Insurance Affiliate Marketing Programs.

There are different way to sign-up to the programs.

Affiliate Marketing Network

Affiliate marketing network is a middlemen between you (Publisher) and the company (Merchants).

Most of the merchants operates (outsource) their affiliate marketing program through affiliate marketing network.

These are the most common affiliate network companies.

  1. Awin 
  2. ShareAsales
  3. CJ Affiliate
  4. Rakuten
  5. Flexoffers

How to get started?

First, you need to have a blog (most of the affiliate marketing network required you to have a blog/website)

Read: Create a great content for your blog

Second, you need to provide as much as information to the affiliate marketing network companies about your blog.

Third, be patient – it will take a little bit of time to get approval, both from the affiliate marketing network, and also the merchants.

Final Words

Insurance is right for your website affiliate ideas because it is quite lucrative and competitive. 

It means that there are plenty of opportunities and money to be earned.

Furthermore, there are many insurance affiliates programs out there that you can join.

With every company recognizing the importance of online markets, more prospects are presenting themselves for affiliate programs.