Free tools: Article headline generator that can make your blog post stand out

Free article headline generator help to make your content stand out – Blogging allows aspiring and experienced writers to share their ideas and get paid for it. However, the problem some novice bloggers face is not knowing how to attract the right audience. When posting articles online, the right article headline is like a magnet when sharing content on a blog or other social network. Sometimes, it can be hard to come up with snappy headlines off the top of one’s head but using an article headline generator can make things a lot easier.

Using a good headline – one that speaks in the active voice directly while using only a few words in what draws in viewers. When a blog is brand new, they cannot afford to use abstract or lengthy headlines. Online audiences tend to have a short attention span and when a new blog on the block doesn’t answer a question or address a need, they tend to be forgotten.

Even if a blogger has some journalism under their belt, print articles are written differently than most blog posts. For one, articles need to be easily spotted by most search engines, especially the headline and first few sentences. For a lot of blogs, an article headline generator saves time and gets you the audience your blog deserves. With tools like these, it takes less time to build a loyal following and earn with your great ideas.

Article Headline Generator That Are Free To Use

Here are a few of the highly-rated content tools that not only make articles stand out but also help with new blog post ideas. While these features are free to use, some offer additional features that can be looked at as small investment in your writing career. These are also great for repurposing old articles or blog posts that had too few views or shares when they were originally published.

#1 - Free Article Headline Generator
BlogAbout by Impact

BlogAbout is a free article headline generator new and experienced bloggers can appreciate. You can instantly create search-friendly headlines in seconds using keywords or phrases. At the same time, an electronic notebook will help you generate popular headlines for future posts. This feature is ideal for those who keep an editorial calendar or work with multiple contributors.

free article headline generator tool

BlogAbout is a free article headline generator new and experienced bloggers can appreciate. The website allows you to list all the headlines that you like, and tweet your idea.

Keywords: Healthy Food

  • The ___ best ___ for starting ___
  • ___ elements customer want in a _____
  • ____ big ____ to watch for this year.

BlogAbout by impact gives you great article title ideas, there are a lot of power words that you can insert, and a lot of alternative title.

Depending on how often you post, you can jot down the reserve headlines or fill the notebook and have it emailed for future use.

If you don’t care for the headlines BlogAbout comes up with, the refresh tool allows you to start the process over.

It also has a drawing tool feature that helps beat writer’s block.

This tool is ideal for those inspired by imagery or want to write down ideas and random thoughts without pressure.

#2 - Free Content Idea Generator
Portent Idea Generator

This free tool is ideal for the blogger who wants to know the psychology behind power words used in articles and other online content.

This information alone has helped many bloggers engage audiences long enough to gain more click-through views.

The Portent Content Idea Generator is easy to use and gives users basic explanations as to how a word or phrase impacts visitors.

Some tips given can be applied to future headlines, such as making sure headlines have no more than 60 characters.

Portent free idea generator tool

Portent’s Content Idea Generator lets you create catchy titles for your next blog post, podcast, or video.

You just simply type your subject, and the generator will give you a title and advice take it to new level.

Keyword: Healthy Food

  • 16 Great articles about healthy food.
  • How healthy food make me a better person.
  • The 10 best resources for healthy food.

Portent Idea Generator can give you different idea, and the best thing is they break the idea into chunk, that you can tweak.

You can also view as many titles as you like, as well as change the subject as often as needed.

Additionally, there’s a resource library containing plain-language articles about the online marketing process.

Writers can learn about topics such as content marketing, copywriting, and search engine optimization(SEO) for video uploads.

Portent has a unique tool called the Tone of Voice Generator.

Just answer four short questions about your content and desired audience and get a suggestion for the tone (deadpan, humorous, etc.) in which to write.

This process takes less than a minute.

#3 - Free Article Headline Generator
Hubspot Blog Topic Generator

For many years, Hubspot has been a recognizable name in the digital marketing industry.

At no charge, you can also opt-in to receive a years’ worth of blog topics.

Many bloggers take advantage of this feature because it helps them to create and organize their editorial calendar months in advance.

This is a true timesaver for new and experienced bloggers who work as a team or tend to other tasks.

For many years, Hubspot has been a recognizable name in the digital marketing industry. Their Blog Topic Generator allows you to test drive its features by entering a few keywords of your choice.

Keyword: Healthy Food

  • This week top stories about healthy food
  • Healthy Food: expectation vs reality
  • The next big thing about  healthy food

You can expand the title in one year worth of blog ideas.  

In addition to marketing tools, Hubspot also offers a number of courses and certifications at no charge.

This is ideal for anyone who wants to make a solid investment in their blogging career by learning the fundamentals of online marketing.

Unlike some free courses, Hubspot regularly updates their curriculum to reflect algorithm changes or digital marketing trends.

Our Favorites: Hubspot Blog Topic Generator

While bloggers of all levels have features that best suit their needs, we tend to prefer Hubspot’s Blog Ideas Generator.

Its ease of use and optional features make it a practical choice for coming up with unique ideas.

Anyone who has blogged for a length of time will agree that running out of ideas can be expected at some point.

Tell us what is your favorites article headline generator tool? 

Why article headline generator will make you a better blogger

Editorial Calendar: Keep your motivation high

The worst thing that can happen to a blog that has found its audience is when the posts stop.

Yes, it’s common for anyone to want time away from writing.

This is why many bloggers keep an editorial calendar.

There also may come a time when a day off may turn into three days or a week.

Article Headline Generator Tools helps you to stay in the game

This happens when a writer has the desire to create but nothing comes out.

Having a handy tool that helps break the block can increase productivity, especially when you’re getting your feet wet.

If you’ve experienced this in your writing career, bouncing back is easy with the right tools.

Free content idea generator that help you to get notice.

A free content idea generator is one of the best tools for getting back to business when you’ve experienced slow traffic or had problems coming up with new topics.

This costs much less than hiring an outside contractor and presents a lot less risk.

In addition to maintaining your writer’s voice, you can stay on top of your schedule and create content for off-days.

Stand out = Engagement = More Reward

Being at the top of your blogging niche reaps many rewards, as affiliate marketing often high quality article generate good income.

When your traffic numbers are high, the revenue continues and gradually increases as your readership grows.

This is why so many people have been able to give up their regular 9-5 to become a full-time blogger.

Last Words

So if you’re ready to make your blog the best it can be, you can start using the blog idea generator now.

The sooner you make the change the sooner you can be on your way to getting a solid audience that will click and share your content.

Engaging articles with the right headline format usually make it to the first search engine page result.

While this doesn’t happen overnight, learning how to create popular headlines and content pays off.

Your audience will remain loyal and you will have the satisfaction of creating posts that are relevant and engaging.

By using free article headline generator, you can learn how to write better articles, get a better understanding or social media, and stay ahead of your competition.

Talk to you soon….

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