How do we use fear as motivation to start a business

What stopping you?

Did you know that there are nearly 28 million small businesses just in the in the United States alone?

They make up over a whopping 99.7%of all U.S businesses. Keeping those numbers in mind, ask yourself what’s stopping you from adding onto this glowing demographic?

If you’re passionate about starting up a business, like many people are, you probably find that fear keeps you from pursuing that dream.

You most definitely are not alone in that aspect.

According to an article in USA Today, nearly 1/3 of Americans claim that the idea of starting their own business is just as frightening as the idea of skydiving.

It’s understandable that fear plays a part in starting up a business, but that fear doesn’t have to cripple your dreams.

Let’s talk about how we can harness those fears and make them work for us, rather than against us!

Let’s use our fear and transform it into motivation!

You weren’t given your passions to simply place them on a back burner.

You can make your dreams a reality, despite your fear and uncertainty.

So, let’s jump right into it!

The biggest questions: Will my business be successful?

Fear of failure

One of the biggest questions that people ask when they dream about starting their own business is, “will my business be successful?”

This is obviously a very important question because if a business fails, that means that a lot of time and money were put into something that didn’t work.

This is a very understandable fear. But what you’ve got to realize is that we live in an age where we have endless information at our fingertips

Do you want to know whether or not your business will be successful or not?

Well, a little bit of research will be able to tell you everything that you need to know.

Get on the web and search for existing companies in your chosen area. Learn what current brand leaders are doing and figure out a way that you could do it better.

The internet will be able to tell you so much about other similar business, how they are doing, and what sets them apart!

Could you do the same thing for faster, cheaper, or in a way that is more unique and/or exciting?

If so, then your business shouldn’t fail, with the right amount of work and promotion.

You have to know your competition and what you’re up against.

This fear of not knowing where your business might end up, can easily be figured out with some research.

Instead of letting competition intimidate you, learn how you can do it better.

This is the first step in transforming a fear into a strength!

You’ve got to get comfortable with the uncomfortable because the things that often make us uncomfortable, are really only in our heads.

We have to embrace learning and embrace hard work.

Money: Fear of not having enough

Fear of not having enough money

Another common worry when starting up a business is money.

Not having enough and estimating costs incorrectly can certainly be a daunting part of trying to plan any business.

Money is a huge part of building a successful business, but it doesn’t have to scare you.

The trick is having more than you need before you decided to funnel money into your dreams.

One of the first steps in building a business is discovering everything that you’re going to need.

There are going to be permits, construction, product, you name it.

So, instead of letting the costs scare you, jump ahead of the curb.

If you need $20,000 to start up your business, make $30,000 or even $35,000 before you jump in.

This way, you are guaranteed to have a little cushion in case you stumble across an expense you might not have factored in or forgot.

You’ll also have a little extra cash squared away until you can start making a profit.

And there are so many ways that you can earn extra money nowadays; freelancing, online gigs, part-time jobs, you name it!

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It’s always going to be scary when you’re investing a lot of money into something, but as long as you have more than you need, you can rest assured that you won’t go broke trying to make your business successful.

You deserve to have the best, is it?

Another great way you can cut back on costs is determine what is necessary and what is luxury. A lot of people get wrapped up wanting their business to be the best that it can be. And there is nothing wrong with that. You deserve to have the best, but fall into it gradually, rather than going all in. Once you begin to make a profit, you can use that extra money to upgrade things and add some sparkle. There is nothing that says you have to start out being big, being flashy, being glamorous! Not at all, start small and work your way up. This will make the money aspect seem a lot less dauting. Spend a little bit here and there and save more than you spend.

Classic: I do not have time

Fear of having no time

Not having enough time is another common fear that many people have when starting up a business.

Obviously, it can take time and energy to make your business dreams come true.

But, even if you’re far away from your goal, it’s no reason to give up or start thinking that you just can’t do it.

Get online and search for ways to make extra money, keep researching what you’ll need to make your business dreams a reality, and work hard every day.

It isn’t going to be easy, but nothing worth having ever is. Don’t let time be a deterrent.

If you put your mind to it, you might be surprised at how much you can do and even earn when you set your mind to it.

We live in a glorious age of technology that enables us to do so much and learn so much!

We have all the tools that we need, it’s just a matter of using them.

Final Words

Mindset is what separates the best from the rest

“Americans think about quitting their jobs twice a week,” said David Rusenko, Weebly’s 28-year-old chief executive and co-founder.

There are so many people out there who dream of doing something different but they just don’t realize that a lot of what they fear is actually easy to overcome, with the right work and the right planning.

You’ve got the world at your finger-tips! Seriously, just the touch of a button on your cell phone or computer.

You have all the tools that you need! So, transform that uncertainty into power!

You can make more money than you need, do more than you need, and become successful more than you realize.

Now quit reading this article and go get started!

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20 thoughts on “How do we use fear as motivation to start a business”

  1. A great article Marie and Kalle! These are some of the exact thoughts going through my head when I decided to start my own online business. Having a safety cushion is a great idea and can help you proceed with confidence. The point around the right mindset completely resonated with me. There is a lot of hype on the internet around how you can quickly make 6 figure incomes! But the correct foundation of any business is a long term strategic vision rather than a short term goal. Thanks so much for sharing your insightful article which will hopefully inspire others on the wall to take the jump!

    • Hi Priya,

      Yes, stepping into unknown is not easy, but with the right mindset and willingness to move forward the “Elephant” in the room will not be an elephant much longer.

      Thank you for stopping by, and we are glad the you find the article useful.

      All the best,

      Kalle & Marie

  2. I must first appreciate your effort and the relevance of this topic in today’s world. It is true that fear often times stops a lot of us from starting businesses we have conceived and even planned thoroughly because we don’t know if we would succeed. It has been an issue. Which is why your article on how to utilize this same fear for something better is an answer to several questions

    • Thank you Lucas for finding our article useful.

      Yes, you are right, sometimes fear stopping you from pursuing your dream, and we believe it is normal. Stepping to unknown and outside our comfort zone is not easy.  But, the good news you can use your fear as a motivation fuel.

      All the best

      Kalle & Marie

  3. Hey. Fantastic article. I used to be a fearful person. I owned a business for many years, but ran it with fear. Once I walked away from that, I decided not to be scared anymore. Strating a business can be the scariest thing but it shouldn’t be seen like this. It should be seen as an exciting new project. But like you said, it can also be used as motivation. Used in this way, business will thrive. However, eventually, fear should be erradicated.

  4. What a great motivational business page. Your advice and effective “check list” of factors to consider in starting a business are really helpful to anybody looking to start their own business. You are right, there is a fear about not “having enough” money as we all have financial commitments, particularly if you have a family.  Bills need to be paid. Your suggestion to start a business online is a great one, reducing the risk, providing you can dedicate enough time to running it, if you also have a full time job.  I have to say, affiliate marketing sounds appealing.  How long have you been doing it?  How long did it take before you first saw success?

    • Hi Trevor,

      Thank you for sharing your thought about the article.

      We have come across affiliate marketing long time ago, but not until we found a business platform – Wealthy Affiliate, that thought us how to build successful affiliate marketing website.  In just first month after we joint, we saw that something happened in our site. Somebody, actually read our blog, and number of engagement is growing from time to time.

      We do really recommend you to take the 7 days free course, where you can discover the real potential of affiliate marketing, and to build strong foundation in online business.

      All the best

      Kalle & Marie 

  5. Great article for sharing, I fear and can not run or start a business because of have not enough money. Thanks for your guidance that make me more clear on the way to make money from home to add some extra income. 

    Especially the way to reduce the fear for starting up phase of running business and the way to overcome it.

    – Sorath  

    • Thank you for your comment Sean,

      Sometimes, money is not “the” obstacle to open the business, there are a lot way to get your project funded.

      All the best

      Kalle & Marie

  6. You have addressed a very important subject of FEAR. It can slow us down in our tracks in building our business. The lost of fears and how to overcome them are very helpful. 

    One of the best ways for me to overcome fear is to learn the best way to run my business. Then focus on just doing it having faith that it will work because I am following a successful formula. And that is the key. Having the right formula. 

    All the best to you.


    • Hi Edwin,

      Thank you for great comment, and share your experience with us.

      We agree that one of the reason many business fail is because they do not have enough information and proper knowledge.  Fear of not knowing your business will stop you starting your own business, but having no correct information, and proper knowledge about your business will make your business failed.

      Great advice..

      All the best,

      Kalle & Marie

  7. Some of us have been dealing with fear for a long time and it has been a very bad g rock on our path to achieving success and if we don’t learn to work with it there would be no way ahead and that is why I really appreciate this article and it has given me an idea on how to go around mine and do better 

    • Hi Justin,

      Thank your for sharing your thought.

      We have been in business more than 18 years, one thing that we learn – the only thing to defeat fear is by walking through it.  With proper information, research, mentor & community, and right mindset everyone can build their own business.

      All the best,

      Kalle & Marie

  8. Wow! Honestly this is rather interesting to see here. I never would have thought that this is possible and I really value all you have shared here. Interestingly, being able to use success for motivation would always guarantee that we will be on our toes and always want to drive more to achieve it all. I value your post here

    • Hi Nath

      Thank you for stopping by, and sharing your thought.

      Yes, fear, actually, can be your motivation fuel to start the business.

      All the best

      Kalle & Marie

  9. I really enjoyed reading your article. I related or at least with most these excuses that you mentioned as they are the most common limiters people place on themselves. Whether it is the fear of failure or the fact that they are out of time, most times people tell themselves these things and that limits so I like that you’ve that these very reasons be used as motivators. 

    • Hi Beesean,

      Glad that you visiting our site again, and give us your opinion regarding using fear as motivation fuel to start a business.

      The other most common failure is lack of information.  You have fear because you are stepping to unknown, and you do not have proper information.  Please check our free course (click on Let Get started button) to find out more about affiliate marketing business.

      All the best,

      Kalle & Marie

  10. Wow, you post is quite inspiring and maybe it is going to be that one push for me to start up my own business too and maybe I can make some good money as well. I see you have quite a statistics at the beginning of this one about how many people in the dates have started their own small businesses and are making it from their business too.

    • Thank you Suz

      Your comment encourage and motivate us to keep working and placing more content to our website.

      Thank you for such superb comment.

      All the best

      Kalle & Marie


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