How to choose the right domain name for your blog

Selecting a perfect domain name is essential for a firm's success.

If you are planning to own a website, then you must think of a domain name.

Selecting a perfect domain name is essential for a firm’s success.

In case, you make a mistake and choose a wrong domain name, you will find it hard to change it later. And any changes you make to a domain name might affect your search rankings and brand.

Even though the right domain name is essential from the very beginning, selecting it might be a hassle.

Tips for selecting a perfect domain name

It can be stressful to select the best domain name when starting a blog as you don’t want to make a mistake.

Here are a few tips to make your domain name selection a straightforward exercise.

1. Choose the right domain extension

There are several domain extensions available such dot com .org, and net, among others.

Some of these extensions are cheap but less competitive.

It is prudent if you chose dot com (.com) but if it is not available, you can opt for the others.

Most internet users are more conversant with the dot com extension, unlike the others familiar to tech-savvy individuals.

For instance, if your website is “mark.org.” a user might type dot com and end up in a competitor’s or error page.

2. Do not use hyphens

Try as much as you can not to use hyphens.

In most cases, hyphenated domain names sign a spam domain, which most people avoid.

Such domains are also prone to typos, a great enemy of success.

For example, if you hyphenate your domain name because of an existing similar domain, users might end up in a competitor’s site if they omit the hyphen.

3. Make it unique and brand-able

To ensure that you stand out and achieve higher google rankings, you must choose a unique and brand-able name.

Research other blogs within your locality to know the names they used to avoid trademarking.

You should make the title catchy, memorable, and unique for your site to be brandable.

make it brandable

4. Get rid of double letters

It is prudent to avoid double lettered domains because they might lead to loss of traffic to typos. By avoiding double letters, your domain will be more brand-able and easy to type.

5. Opt for domain name generators

There are more than three hundred and sixty million domain names, making people say that functional domains are already taken.

It can also be tiresome and time-consuming if manually searching for domain names.

Therefore, going for a domain generator will be a good idea.

The tools are free, and they can automatically search for the given keywords for excellent domain name ideas.

6. Select a domain name that is easy to type

The online searching of words can be much easier to display as a result of the information being searched is available.

The search engine works well with the known and correct spelling of words.

Therefore, if you want to choose a successful domain name for your website or business, it is critical to select words that are known or available in the dictionary of that language.

Choosing words that have several spellings, but with the same meaning can have some challenges in searching for information online.

Keep your domain easy to find

7. Use a short domain name

Using complex words or long names for your website as the domain name may worsen the quality of how users or viewers can access your website.

The reason is that users may misspell and mistype the name of the domain if it is too long.

Use of simple and short words as the domain names is the only best way to solve this problem.

8. Consider the area of the target

Websites or online businesses always have a key area where it intends to reach out to their audience.

Therefore, when you need a name for your domain, include the name of the area such as cities and state, or the name of your business.

It helps users to understand better what your web is about.

9. Take actions faster about your domain name

If you have already got a domain name for your website, it is important to take quick action and register it.

The world is full of completion, and the domain name that you want to register can also be obtained by another person if for example, both of you used the same domain registrars to get such a name.

Domain registrars always suggest domain names that are not registered already.

Do not just take our word for it, try it for yourself.

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Website, online businesses, and blog need strong domain name!

Marketing a website may become a hard task if proper tools are not chosen, such as domain names.

Websites, online businesses and blogs need strong domain names that are easily accessible by the users.

Tips for this success are for example, the length, simple words and faster registration of the domain name.

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