How to create great content for your affiliate marketing website

Struggling in the ditch to get your blog to where you want to be…

You just do not seem to be getting anywhere…

We understand your frustration, seating long hour in-front of your computer, try to figure out you’re your next keywords for your next article… and sometimes, admitted, you do not even know what topic you are going write…

Yes, we have been there… we feel you…!

What make a great content?

We know…, we have been mentioning Niche repeatedly. But seriously, you can not blog to empty space, can’t you? A niche is a solution to a problem, and your blog should serve that purpose. And…, yes… we say it…, you want to make money from your blog, right? Otherwise, you will not find this page.

So, what make a great content?

Lauren Allen, from Zazzle Media wrote that great content is a content that goes extra mile – for example: basic content may get read, good content may get read and share, but great content is content that will get read, shared, and talked about.

Let us dive deeper, you can answer these following questions:

  • What is the purpose of your blog?
  • What group (audience) that you want to help with your blog?
  • What problem area that you believe that your blog can help?

Your content is not just a content, but your content should stimulant change to your audience, your content should transform your reader.

How do I create great content for my blog?

We hear you…

You want to know how you can create great content for your blog…

Create Strong Headlines

You do not want that your headlines drive your audience away. It looks like a simple task, but it is not an easy task.

You will not read an article when the title look so boring will you?

Keep in mind that your headlines should be between 60 to 70 characters. In general, search engine display only the first 60 to 70 characters of your title headlines.
Do not over complicated, get straight to the point. You do not want to create confusion.
Relevant to your content. We know it sounds stupid, but believe us, there are a lot of headlines that does not have relevancy to the content.

Keep it simple, brief, and creative

Focus on your audience, why? Because your audience is the one who define whether your article is a great article or not. Keep them engage, and creative. Take your time to find out who your audience is, how you can help them, what solution you can give, etc.

Show expertise

If you want to create a great content, you should show that you have expertise on that issue. Do not bother to write if you do not know anything. Take time to do some research, if you feel that you lack of expertise.

What type of content that I can write in my affiliate marketing website?

It takes more than just throwing affiliate signing up link or / and attaching affiliate link to blog, and money will automatically be pouring to your bank account.

As we have already mentioned above, you should create a valuable content.

Here are examples of content that you can create in your blog.

Product Review

This is one of the simplest ways to get started with your affiliate marketing website content. Share something that you like, and you used. Obviously, why sharing something that you do not like.

For Example:

X facts about ________ that you need to know before buying

==> 5 facts about IPhone XI that you need to know before buying

What the best ________ know about _______ that you don’t

==> What the best online marketer knows about amazon that you don’t


Show your audience on how to create somethings.

If you have had the experience on how to get 100 email subscribers in 1 week, you could create tutorial on how you can get 100 email subscribers in only week.

Or you want to show how to create graphic design for your blog post, how to set-up account on Amazon Associates, etc.

Product Comparison

Instead of creating one review for every product, why not reviewing multiple products in one article.

Think about products that your audience like to research for or based on your experience when you do research on one type of product before you buy.

Share your opinion on the products, be honest. OK, sometimes you are recommending one product than the other. But you should mention in your review why you love that product more than the other.

What is the conclusion?

How to create great content for your blog…?

You should always remember that your audience is the one that justify whether you write great content or not. You might think that you have written a great article, but your audience think otherwise.

1. Find out your audience.
2. Understand and know your audience
3. Solve their problem and be a catalyst to a change.
4. Create strong headlines
5. Keep it simple, engaging, and creative

Share your Story

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Let us know what do you want to achieve with your blog, we always love to hear that, leave comment below. 

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16 thoughts on “How to create great content for your affiliate marketing website”

  1. In affiliate marketing creating a website is not a tough process but writing content is a very tough task. But in your post, you have simply explained that anybody can create great content for an affiliate marketing website. I am also is not good to write content but after reading your article I feel that I can also create great content for my website . You explain step by step process for writing great content like Find Out Your Audience, Understand And Know Your Audience, Solve Their Problem And Be A Catalyst To A Change, Create Strong Headlines and  Keep It Simple, Engaging, And Creative.

  2. I have really been having a lot of difficulties when it come’s to creating contents for my website. Though I tried getting contents outsourced from writers on writing platform’s that I pay. But these days, the demand for what I really want sometimes may not be delivered so, you have no idea how happy I was to see this here. Thank you so much for sharing here

    • Your welcome Kimberly, 

      We are glad that the article help you to create great content for your blog…

      All the best

      Kalle & Marie

  3. Having a good quality content on your website can guarantee how well you get traffic to it, it makes it very easy for people to stay and also come back for more of the good stuff you have there. This is a good way to promote your Affiliate marketing business, your article will be a good guide, thanks.

    • Thank you, 

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      Our aim is to help individual and family to start their own home-based business especially starting their affiliate marketing site…

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  4. Hello there, content creations on your web is really vital and not everyone can put up a good idea that can hold the audience and have you stay on their site. For me I love to read a good blog post and a bad one really turns me off. Learning how to write good content from your site is very good and I would put it to practice 

  5. Having a decent quality substance on your site can ensure how well you get traffic to it, it makes it simple for individuals to remain and furthermore return for a greater amount of the great stuff you have there. This is a decent method to advance your Affiliate advertising business, your article will be a decent guide, much obliged.

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