How to find a profitable niche for your blog

Be careful not to choose niches that have tons of traffic with little money

When you are new to blogging, you could find it challenging sticking to one topic, and you might not know how to find a profitable niche for your blog.

You have to ask yourself why you started blogging when deciding on a suitable niche.

When you want to get cash flow from the blog, you should be careful not to choose niches that have tons of traffic with little money.

It would help if you also were careful not to choose a niche that might be difficult for you to write.

Optimally, it would help if you went for a niche that is easy to relate with, has good traffic, and you could quickly write.

You could find a profitable niche by considering the following:

Go For Interesting Topics

Brainstorm on any possible topics that could fit as a niche and make a list of the topics that you like.

You should narrow the list to what you know and write about your passion as long as it is profitable.

If you write about a topic which you do not like, you could lose interest after some time, and this could harm your blog.

You could write about a topic that excites you even when you are not an expert on the topic as you could research it.

Do Market Research on the Niche

After selecting an exciting niche, you should go ahead and research if it is profitable and how big enough the market is for the topic.

You could search on Google Trends, which might show you the niche’s interest and how many people search for the topic.

Google could have graphical illustration, which shows statistics on whether the topic is stable, fluctuating at different times of the year, rising or declining gradually.

For better blogs, it is better to avoid topics that have a declining interest as you could be losing the audience over time.

Topics that fluctuate severely over a given period might not be ideal for your blog as well.

It is better to settle for topics with stable interests as you could gradually build an audience and maintain the audience with relevant information.

Some topics that have buzz phenomena and have raising interests could lose interest over a short time, and it is not advisable to build a long-term niche on these topics.

How to find niche for your blog

Go For Smaller Niches

Smaller niches have lest competition, and it could help if you become more specific with the topics.

When you choose a broad topic for the niche, you might find that there is more competition from established bloggers or organization which have big authority websites.

When searching on a topic at the bottom of the Google page, you might note some other related search items, and these could be the best topics.

You might wish to take one of these topics and see how many people search for it and decide whether it is suitable for your niche.

Use Keyword Planner

A good keyword planner like Jaaxy could help if you have trouble breaking down your preferred niches, here you enter a broad topic first, which could help generate ideas.

You might pick on the keyword planner generated ideas to build your blog niche, and you could use each idea to generate a suitable niche.

When you narrow down using keywords planner solution as Jaaxy, you might find that 2 -10 of the proposed niches on a given topic are good.

Determine the Most Profitable Niches

When you aim at earning reasonable cash flow from your blog, it could be prudent to ensure that the niche you choose is profitable.

Some niches could have traffic with no money, and you should go for niches that have keywords that brands are more likely to use for advertising.

A niche that can be easily monetized is one in which people could spend money on AdWords to advertise their products.

More people will want to read more about your niche and the topics which relate to the AdWords used for advertisement.

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Final words

You might want to find a profitable niche when you are a first time writer or an established blogger.

Brainstorm on what you like as writing about topics you like can be fruitful as you are least likely to lose interest in the niche.

It is better to go for a profitable niche that could generate reasonable cash flow in the long-run.

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