How to remove your biggest Road Block – Starting Online Business

Does fear get in your way?

Connecting people to products or business is one of the fastest growing industry. The best thing about this type of business, you do not even need an office, you do not need to manufacture a product. You can do it anywhere, anytime…

Does fear get in your way?

Are you the connectors?

Do you know that we are living in the connected economy?

Do you know that median length of people working now is 4,6 years compare to 1960 which is 40 years?

Lay-offs happen much more often that job opening! The old way of doing things is changed. The world is craving the easy way to make things better.

Are you the connectors?

The connected economy rewards the connectors. Whether it is connecting a person to a person, a business to a business, a business to a product, a product to a person… The game has change!

Do you know that in the connected economy you do not required to manufacture you own products? You simply connect, imagine if you can connect a product to 100 people with $ 1.00 commission, it means you received $ 100. Isn’t it great?

Are you the connectors?

Why aren't you?

We get it!

Starting you own business sound scary…, the fear of stepping to unknown territory is always made you uncomfortable.

What scares you?

I do not know any of this...!

You have a great business idea, but you still have not started you business because…. (Let us guess…)

I do not know anything about designing a website…, I do not know how to write a blog post…, blah… blah… blah…

Well to be honest, you can google different blog or small business (home-based) site, then you will find out that most of them (Bloggers, Online Entrepreneurs) running a business that not even related to their background. An ex-lawyer that running a successful party decoration website, a graduate financial student that running a successful travel blog, and many more…

And, here comes another …

I do not have time for this…!

Another classic excuse…

Everybody has 24 hours, whether you rich or poor, married or single…

A good friend, she run successful affiliate marketer site, a single mom with 2 small children – she told us with happy tears that if she just listens to her fear and not starting her affiliate marketing blog, she would not have enough time as she had now.

Yes, she could watch her kids grow, gave good education, and never miss single piano lesson that her kids attend.

and…(drum rolls…) the best of all….

What if I failed…?

So, what then…, to failed is not the end of the world…, in-fact, failure will change you mindset – Failure teach you something.

Yes, you might hear that hundreds million times…, we said that again – Failure Teach You Something.

We do not have statistic, but we never met someone that has not been failed yet, do you?

The different between you and them (perhaps) – they are not afraid to try…

Remove your biggest roadblock – be a connector

Most of the people believe that  you do not do it because your reason is not strong enough.

What they mean to say, that you do not want it bad enough.  That is why you do not do it.

Is it true…?

Well, we are not physiology expert, but we know in most cases it is not 100% true.

Your fear is getting in you way… 

You afraid what other people might say.., you afraid to failed…, you afraid of yourself…

Think about it…, answer this question honestly…

What great thing would you try to accomplish if you knew that you could not fail…?

What now?

We want to do something different here…, (this where our coach always recommend us to make our pitch, or ask you to down load something, or register something…)

We want to help you get rid of your fear…

Think about the above question – What great thing would you try to accomplish if you knew that you do not have that fear… 

Write you answer below (does not have to be long…)

Yes, you are stepping to unknown, you do not know what happen next, isn’t it exciting…? Overcome you fear…, start writing in comment box below…

Talk to you soon…

Kalle & Marie

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