How to start a family online business in 2020?


Have you been wondering to start your family business? Where you can do business together with your spouse? or You and your spouse have a business idea, but do not know how or where to start?

If your answer is YES to any of the questions above, this article is for you!.  You can start your first family online business in the next 30 minutes.

First Step: Find Your Niche

Such a big word isn’t it? For some people Niche is scary word, but you should be exciting about it. The ideas of finding your distinct segment (Niche) or audience of what you passion about, or what your interest should make you exciting. Talking about what you like or more over creating a flow of extra income from something that you like is not a bad idea, agreed?

Our Family enjoy different things. My wife like to play golf, I am interested in traveling, and our son like to play games. There are many niches that you can choose to start your business. Our mentor, Kyle and Carson, (They have help more than 1,5 million start up their business) said that they have had build income generating business from the niche that they have not known before. You do not need to BE an expert, you BECOME an expert

Sample of Niches:

Your niche could be anything, the most important thing when you choose your niches that it should base from what your “Like”, something that keep you excite, or something that you want to learn about. Here are some sample of niches:

  1. Left Handed Golf
  2. Baking equipment
  3. Games Merchandise
  4. Diet Program
  5. How to talk in public
  6. Family Vacations Resort
  7. and many more…

Almost anything that you think of is a niche, there are billions of people in the world that looking for information, solutions, and they are willing to spend their money to buy products, or services.


Second Step: Choose Your Direction

No worries! If your next question is what if we choose wrong niche! Kyle and Carson mentioned that there is NO SUCH A THINK as choosing the wrong niche. Just because you have chosen this particular niches, it does not mean that you will be in that niche forever. Somewhere along the road to success you can change your niche.

One of the common mistake is to spend a lot of time to choose your niche. The first step is important, but you should be able to move forward. A few things that you should keep in mind when you choose your niche:

  1. You are going to talk, communicating, and write about your niche
  2. You are going to choose products to promote
  3. You are going to help people within your niche
  4. Your single niche website can become your full time income

==> Make your move, write down what direction you will use as your first step

Building Website

Third Step: Build Your Website

When you have a physical store, you are not just open your store anywhere. You will consider a lot of things, whether the electrical power is sufficient, is there any parking space, does the building accommodate your business growth, etc. The same thing when you want to build your business online. You need to find out which hosting company to host your website, how to register your domain, and which web publisher system you are going to use, etc. For some people be obvious but for most of us is a jungle.

Building a website is not scary as it sounds. Our family does not have any background in IT, and most of the people who start their online business do not have that qualification. Some of them rely on to their friends, neighbors, relatives, and so on. Is it good base to start your business? Perhaps, but your website is your backbone to your success. To many factors to consider, what if your friend no longer become your friend, what if your neighbor moves, or your relatives suddenly get promoted to position that required his/her attention.

My family and I realize this important aspect, we want to build something on solid rock. We do not have a background in IT, but we have a solid dream, and direction. We found this hosting company that help us to launch our website, and help us to “Take Care” our IT needs. The hosting company called To site Rubix. They host your wordpress (a website publisher system) , a system that help you to create a website without prior knowledge of HTML, etc, and support us a long the way.

Here some reasons why we choose To site Rubix to host our websites:

  1. You can grow – It means their technology can support your business growth.
  2. Plain and simple – It is easy to understand, even for us who does not have any background in IT.
  3. They have the technology that can make our website running all the times.
  4. Strong Security.
  5. Daily Backup.

==> For more information about To site Rubix here!

Business Building Tools

Fourth Step: Building Your Online Business

A lot of us heard how difficult it is to build successful online business. The nature of online business is evolving or changing every time. As other type of business, we need to educate and improve our business knowledge. It is not enough by owning a website, and expect that the money will generate automatically.

Did I get your attention?

Yes, to build your online business required a dedicated, motivation, and continuously learning. Infant, people create their online success in many way, but there are 3 common aspects why they achieve success online.

Aspect 1: They have help

Aspect 2: They have proper training

Aspect 3: They learn and practice regularly.

Think of one famous golf player – Tiger Wood, he will not expect that the ball will land where it should be, NO, he will practice every day, knowing which club that he should use, getting advice and coach, experienced, etc. so he can score under par or even win a competition.

Our family join this platform, where we can get help from experts, from building your website, reaching your potential clients, and update yourself to stay competitive, and get the most complete and advance training when it comes to how to build your online business.


  1. The education – Step by step training that wei willl walk you through create a successful, and long term business
  2. Website Platform – Using wordpress and integrated tools for managing your website
  3. Secure, Powerful and Scaleable Hosting – We can focus on growing your business
  4. Fully integrated domain management – Website, domains, and the management of your website is fully integrated
  5. Community of Online Business Expert – Community that truly cares about your success, available 24/7

Getting Started

You only a step away from owning your online business

How do we start?

Fair enough, so you are :

  1. You like the ideas to start your business, you have a niche that you want to build into a business:
  2. You understand that in order to success in online business you need:
    1. Help
    2. A website
    3. Regular Training

Lets Start!

Sign-up to our community, and experience it for your self, you will have the access to one of the world most comprehensive tools to start your own business:

  1. Personal Help and Support
    1. Ability to get personal coach.
    2. Access to get help from more than 10 000’s users.
    3. Live Chat support
  2. 2 Free Website
    1. Fully functional wordpress website.
    2. Ready to make money online
  3. Training Galore
    1. Tutorials
    2. Courses
    3. Video Classes

==> You can sign-up here!

Can not make decision yet? Need more information and time to decide or have question about your business idea? you can create account for free, ask question, or discuss your idea with others in the community, get help to start your business on the right track.

And off-course your can ask us if you ever need a hand or have a question, feel free to leave them below and we will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Kalle & Marie


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