Top 5 advice’s to run home-based business with your spouse

Is it a good idea to start a business with your spouse in the first place?

In business and In Love! Starting a business with your love one can be a challenging situation, but many of us do it. In this article, we will give some tips on how to make successful business together with your spouse.

The Story – Home Sweet Office, Office Sweet Home

Does it possible running a successful business with your spouse? April and Chuck Jones wrote in their book that many couples have found their way and make their marriage stronger by working together as husband and wife. Most of the research being done focusing only on the drawbacks of working with your husband/wife. Yes, there are challenges along the way, but off-course it can be done. My wife and I have been in business for the past 18 years. From our experience it is great to work together as husband and wife.

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How do I start a business and stay married?

Advice No.1: Avoid Negativity – Sorry Honey – Can*t Do It – It Won’t Work – What make you think… – Why Can’t you …, Listen and Compliment Each Other Instead.

Negativity, excused, can slow down your momentum to pursue your business success, and unfortunately that is what we face in day today marriage life. Word matters, it can change your mood, your path, your future, etc. One thing you and your spouse should understand, and keep in mind when you are doing business with your spouse – Your WORD matters!

Advice No. 2: Talk it over, have discussion, and accept apology!

Gaining your spouse’s support while building your business is an important step. My wife and I discussed all the possibilities, the good and the bad of entering this venture together beforehand. We both realize that we want to do it together, and we want to build a successful business. So, talk about, going through your business idea together, discuss different scenario, build business plan, develop your budget, etc. For some of you, it might sound ridiculous, but it is one of the most important steps. OK, we know that things cannot always go as what we have planned, but by having a habit to communicate each other will give you more strength to overcome challenging situation. Appreciate your spouse’s idea, by discussing, and exchanging idea will strengthen your working relationship and allow you to both to shine within the business.

Advice No. 3: Decide – who does what!

When we started, we tried to do everything ourselves, and it is always ended up in argument. Which color to pick, what product to showcase, etc. Like starting a family, we are all have our own way or idea on how we handle things. Yes, both my wife and I, have a good intention, we both want our business to succeed. After a lot of fights and arguments, we finally decide to divide the decision “Power” or who have the final say, and responsibilities within certain area.

Advice No. 4: Set your Business Hour

Sometimes it is easy to be caught up to your business, more over when two of you building the business together. Having office at home, and both of you passionate to move your business forward is not easy. Live is not only about your business, your spouse is not just your co-worker. Both of you deserve to enjoy live, this is what is all about. The main objective that both of you build the business is so both of you can enjoy quality time with your family.

We realize that we are so madly passionate about our business, when we realize that we keep talking about the business all the time, from breakfast until before we go to bed. “Did you send the email?” or “Have you answered the comment?”, “Have you contacted them?” etc. It is our typical day to day conversation; we did not pay attention to our marriage.

One day, we decided to change. We set up business hours, and not to talk about business outside that business hours. We start to live again as couple, the relationship as husband and wife, and toward other – family, friends, communities, etc. – start grow again. In business, we start to understand to work more efficiently, and most of all with a lot of “Happier” environment.

Advice No. 5: Create Budget For Your Business

Creating budget for your business is the main key to success. Like any other business, your family business needs to have a budget. Separating your own day to day expenses, and your business is an essential. Set a side a budget for your business, how much do you want to spend for your business is depend to your plan. These are typical expenses post for your online business:

  • Hosting Cost
  • Website production, and development – Graphic, Design, etc.
  • Tools – SEO, Newsletter, E-commerce (platform, tools, etc), etc.
  • Online Payment Providers
  • Coach / Continue Education
  • Business Expenses – Association Membership, professional fee’s, etc.

Positive environment

A positive environment will not only be impacting your bottom line, but also your relationship as husband and wife. Yes, your business will grow, you can overcome business challenges, but more important thing that you can grow your relationship. You will understand and know your spouse more than just co-worker, she or he is your life partner.

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Every marriage is already a partnership, one in which you love together, create and building family together, and support each other. With the right alignment, planning, and commitment to making it work, sharing a business can be a meaningful extension of that partnership.

Yes, there will be tears and laughter, there will be celebrations and frustrations, but at the end there will be nothing like sharing success of working together toward a common goal with your love one.

Do you have a success story, or word of wisdom from your personal experience building up business together with you’re spouse? We love to hear them! Leave a comment below!

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16 thoughts on “Top 5 advice’s to run home-based business with your spouse”

  1. I applaud you and your wife for being able to work together.  It’s impressive.  I think it’s very difficult for couples working together.  Not only couples but friendships or any close relationship for that matter.   I’m sure it took a lot of work and incite to make it a success.  It takes special people to handle and deal with it successfully.  I agree that a negative mindset is a recipe for disaster.

    My daughter and I are working together on building a website through WA.  After reading your post I realize that we are going about it all wrong.  I’ve book mark the blog and would definitely would be referring to it. You have given me a variety of ideas on Affiliate Marketing that never occurred to me. Thank you for this guideline on producing a successful business.

    • Thank you Cherryl, appreciate your comment.  We wish you all the best with your website, and your venture with  your daughter.  Let us know if you need any hand…

      To your success

      Kalle & Marie

  2. Hi Kalle & Marie,

    U have taken a giant leap and am happy that it’s working. Starting a home business with your spouse, is not the easiest thing to do. But the benefits are awesome . I especially like the bit about EARN MONEY WHILE YOU LEARN. WA is indeed a wonderful place to learn and earn. 

    Keep writing in your lovely, easy and interesting style.

    Waiting for more because i love this topic too.


  3. Hello,
          I really envy you and your spouse, it’s not easy at all to do business with your spouse. Congratulations to you all, and I decided to try this sometime ago and a friend shared his personal experience with me, I got little scared even though my wife and I understands each other well.
    After reading through you tips and advises, I am now coming back to my initial plan to begin. Your advice is quite practical

    • Hi Osei Kwame, Thank you for your comment.  Yes, it is a big decision, but both you and your wife on board and share the same goal, it is get a lot of easier.  All the best, and good luck with your plan.

      Kalle & Marie

  4. Nice article.I am happy to see that you and yourr wife were able to pull this off, cos combining love and business most times does not go so well. I feel many family can do this if they are ready to follow the tips you gave in this article. This is a path to financial freedom for most families. Knowing who does what in a business with you spouse is very important so ine person does not feel over laboured. It needs a lot of communication and maturity.

    • Thank you David for sharing your thought.  By dividing the work area, and trust your spouse makes decision in that area will make your business moving forward.  Yes, it required a lot of communication, and understanding. 🙂

       Kalle & Marie

  5. Hello there. For my wife and I, we just love working together. It gives us yet another way to share our lives and spend time together with our kids. Instead of being at a position where we spend our days apart and only share what is happening in our lives when we get together late at night, we are in a position to share experiences in real time. Thanks for coming up with these guidelines it would really be helpful in keeping things running smoothly. 

  6. Wow! This is an amazing article that you have got here. These are mind blowing ideas that you have shared with us. We have always had issues trying to work out our business, instead we opt in to do our things individually which has not been helpful. However, I will share this with her hopefully she we come to a compromise at this matter.

    • StevieJohn, Glad that we can help.  Drop by more often, and let us know if we can be of any assistance to you and your wife.

      All the best – Kalle & Marie

  7. Hey nice article you have there, your thoughts are indeed invaluable. It’s a good thing to involved your spouse in your business. However, the business will be more producttive if the spouse is business oriented and can cut down unecessary cost whenever the needs arise. Reversed will be the case if the spouse fails to realize that a business is a distinct entity different from the owner

    • EdahNewton, thank you for sharing this. It is very interesting wisdom that you share here.

      Yes, we agree that both couple have to be in the same path.  It is a complex situation if one of them do not provide or give a support.  We always suggested to both to always discuss the plan before hand, support does not always required that those person to jump in the business right away, but we believe if both understanding the plan, it will make a lot of easier. 

      The same goes with your business plan and budget, if both of you create business plan and goal together, it is a lot of easier to see and adjust your business.  We always look to our goals, and when opportunity come or need arise.  With that in mind, we can prioritize our work or decision accordingly.  As our business coach used to tell us, opportunity always pop up when you are focus on your business, but you should always look ack to your plan and goal, if the opportunity does not inline with your plan and goal, normally we let it go, and concentrate to achieve our plan and goal instead.  We know it is little bit weird, but it work for us.

      Once again, thank you for sharing your thought.  We hope that you drop by often, and sharing your wisdom.

      All the best,

      Kalle & Marie

  8. Love this post! I definitely needed to read this today – my husband and I recently decided to start an online business together. I think we need to implement your tips in order for our business and marriage to survive working together. 

    Your tips make so much sense – have open communication, set boundaries, create budget – all great ideas to implement. I will share with my husband, my COO. I tell him to call me CEO during working hours:) 

    Some minor spelling errors, but overall great post! 

    • Thank you Dana for sharing your story.  Glad to be of help. Drop by again sometimes and share your success stories with us, we love to hear them…  Wish you all the best 

      Kalle & Marie


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