Awesome! Wealthy Affiliate helps us building successful online business

For a successful affiliate marketer, he or she would remember how painful it was to build their success from scratch. Most of them will agree with us, that community play a major role in their journey to success. You are about to find out, how these awesome Wealthy Affiliate community help us to jumpstart our online success.

Let’s Roll…

What is an online community?

Community in simple definition is a group of people having interest in common.

Why a community is important for your online success?

An online community can be private or public, behind or in front of a paywall, professional or independently run.  However, an online community will make a significant contribution to your online success if they are having these characteristics:

# 1 – It builds confidence

As a new blogger, you often questioning yourself whether you are choosing the right direction, for your blog.  Having someone, or group of people that know what they are doing is crucial in this stage.  They can walk you through, inspired, answering questions, or motivate you to move forward.  Knowing that someone had been gone through the same thing, and willing to help you, it surely building your confidence.

# 2 – Builds a family

To be among the same tribe – people that not only dedicated but also excited about your business is the essential key to your success in online business.  There are no better places than surround yourself with these people.  Especially, as online entrepreneurs, normally you are alone or only working with your family.  Having a group of people as an extended family member will bring the whole new level of your motivation, and perspective to your online business.

# 3 – Connect the business with different party

Even for experience bloggers, to be able to connect to different companies will help them to grow.  Especially as affiliate marketer, knowing which products that can generate top rewards, the current trends, or even access to physical product for beter review, are the key to differentiate you with others. 

As an online community, it is easier to communicate to third party – for example Affiliate Marketing Network such as Awin, Clickbank, etc., hosting company,  because simple you are approaching them as a group not individuals. 

Most of these affiliate marketing network company will share their new product or campaign to the community.

# 4 – Provides an idea sharing platforms

Brainstorm, tips, inspiration are part of daily conversation in the community.  To be able to brainstorm or learn from other what will be the best way to approach certain strategies or goals for your business is just great. 

Example: How to perform best in search engine, how to success in social media, etc.

Tips on what will be the best way to use business tools:

# 5 – Allow you to nurture each other while you grow

All successful affiliate marketer will agree that networking is crucial for their success.  Having someone to cheer you up, give a recognition are powerful way to uplift your spirit.  Being in a tribe it is not only to receive, but also to give.  By giving your recognition to someone, providing helps, or offering advices can help you grow your business. 

A community is important, not just because what it can do for your business, but also what it can do for other member who help you grow your business.

What is Wealthy Affiliate Community?

Wealthy Affiliate Community is a community of online entrepreneurs. 1,4 million active members from 190 countries around the world communicate, motivate, and share their insightful strategies to success in any niche you can think off.

Wealthy affiliate founded in 2005 by 2 entrepreneurs, Kyle and Carson. The community has become one of the most comprehensive online business building platforms, and highest-rated resources to guides you step by steps to be successful in digital marketing and online business. Wealthy Affiliate teach you how to build a rock-solid online business from scratch.

The community is a great place for those who want to build their business online, whether you are completely new to digital marketing or online business, or you may have a successful business and want to scale your business online.

How Wealthy Affiliate Community help us jumpstart our online success?

# Huge Confidents Booster

Having no technical background (read our story), and being self-started in affiliate marketing world, we have a lot of “Blank” spots to fill when it come to online business. 

Not only in how to build website, but also how-to bring traffic to your website, and earn money online. 

Thanks to these awesome community members, that keep providing advice, and motivate us, we finally got a better grip how the affiliate marketing works.

It is not stop right there, everyday we learn new things, new technique.

There is always someone (providing their time as volunteer) ready to answer question – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

# Better Understand on How to Create Profit Oriented Website/Blog

Being a premium member at Wealthy Affiliate means you will get access to online class, or training that being created by member. 

All kind of training you can think of to build a thrive online business.

We got to re-approach how we create our website, follow their advice, and keep on working to improve our website. 

The different between doing it yourselves and following advice from someone that had been doing it before you is time – you get there less in time and less painful.

# The most helpful community

One of the greatest things we experienced being in the community is you get to know different people from all over the world.

Imagine that you have the best expert from every kind of niche worldwide in just click a way.

These amazing people, give their time and knowledge, answering your questions. They do not get paid for doing this, they are member the same as you.

We are so blessed that we found this awesome community.

Final Question: How does your online community help your affiliate marketing business?

Are you a member of online community?

No? Perhaps it is a time to consider joining an online community….

Yes, we understand – you are self-thought kind of guy / girl, but think of how you can save a lot of time, money, hustle, frustration, etc.

Imagine being surrounded by group of people that have the same passion, know what they are doing.  What will those components bring to your business?

Moreover, they have gone through all the aspects, and made it to the other side.  What better advice would you have rather than from someone that have done it before? 

Benefits of being member in the Wealthy Affiliate Community

We do not want sound gloomy, but you can do your own research, and compare it by yourself, where else can you get access to the these awesome community, and other benefits for only USD 49.00 / months.

  • State-of-the-art hosting environment, where you can host 25 website, unlimited data transfer, unlimited email, full redundancy (it mean your website will always reachable, event when main server is failed), and guard by enterprise grade security.
  • Website builder – wordpress, that connect to your management dashboard.
  • One of world friendliest Keyword Research Tools that can help you rank high at search engine, got ideas for your blog article, and help you to understand and know your competitor.
  • Participate (Included) in different online class, workshop, training to keep you updated and sharp…
  • Access to 24/7 live chat where you can get an answer for your question related to your business.
  • And many more…

Do not take our word for it – Try it yourself for free. Found out in 7 days, How Wealthy Affiliate Community helps your online business.

Plus, you can participating in training, where these 10 online courses will walk you through the steps of creating a successful online business, and the first step to realizing your potential as an online business owner.. 

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20 thoughts on “Awesome! Wealthy Affiliate helps us building successful online business”

  1. Thank you for sharing this wonderful and insightful article about wealthy affiliate. You have said enough about the platform that not much else needs to be said and I think this article will serve as an ideal introductory guide to anyone thinking of joining wealthy affiliate who knows nothing about it. Thank you for sharing this article. 

    • Hi Beesean,

      Thank you for stopping by again and read our article.

      We appreciate that you took the time and share your thought on Wealthy Affiliate.

      All the best,

      Kalle & Marie 

  2. Hello there, wealthy affiliate is a nice platform for anyone to get to learn anything relating to online business and I am really excited about the mode of training. The exposure you get from being in such platform is really great and with the tools, you’re thought to make use of, you’re good to go.

    • Hi Justin,

      Thank you for sharing your experience.  Yes, we also think that the training is great, we also enjoy being surrounded by successful people like you.  

      Thank you once again for taking your time and sharing your thought with us.

      All the best,

      Kalle & Marie

  3. Well, it does helps us and it has helped me a number of times that I can’t count. I’m just glad that I am now a part of the success and after reading this, I hope your readers can go on to check other success stories too to see how many people have actually attained success through wealthy affiliate. It’s a platform that I can recommend to anyone who wants to have a successful online business

    • Thank you Suz, Hope you will continue to provide and share your thought with us.

      Our best regard to you and your family.

      All the best

      Kalle & Marie

  4. Wealthy affiliate is a good platform to be and it’s been recorded that it helped a lot of people including me to achieve success in our online business, this has made it relatively important that newbies check it out in order to help themselves learn and make money online, it’s nice to have

    • Hi Bruce,

      Glad that you feel the same.  Yes, Wealthy Affiliate provides us with an amazing training program, and the community support in providing help is one that really makes us stay and upgrade to premium members.

      All the best

      Kalle & Marie

  5. Thank you so much for sharing this here. The essence of being in a community of like minded people is very germane to success. Being able to actually be amongst the people that do the same thing as you do would definitely help us and that is the avenue that wealthy affiliate has given us. Surely a very worthy one to see here. Thank you so much for the post

    • Hi Nath,

      Yes, being surrounded by people that appreciate and understand what you are doing is one of the keys to our online success.  Moreover, their willingness to help us to navigate in this complex business is highly appreciated.

      Thank you for sharing your thought with us.

      All the best

      Kalle & Marie

  6. Hi,

    In this article business for family sound wonderful because it will make life easy for the family, as an affiliate marketer, if you would remember how stressful it was to build success from scratch, it is not easy, the community play a major role in their journey to success.Wealthy Affiliate community help us to jumpstart our online success.

    Thank you.


    • Hi Aluko,

      Thank you for stopping by and sharing your thought with our readers and us.

      Our goal is to provide online resources to families that are going to start their own online business.  Community is one of the key successes; we definitely can not build our online business online.

      We wish you all the best for your online business; remember to join the community if you have not joined yet.

      All the best,

      Kalle & Marie

  7. For me, The Answer is yes But, you have to work as Wealthy Affiliate only give you the required knowledge it’s left for you to put in your time and effort to be able to achieve something, I see a lot of people writing bad reviews on wealthy affiliate, and I laugh at them because they didn’t make the right moves and when they have failed they say it’s wealthy affiliate, but as we all know WA is doing their best to keep the standard up.

    • Hi Evagreen221,

      We agree that you need to work for your success, Wealthy Affiliate provides you with all tools and support you can think of to start a successful online business, but you still have to do the work. You can read our article about common affiliate marketing misconceptions 

      As you mentioned, many people wrote a bad review of Wealthy Affiliate, but again there is a lot of good reviews about them as well.  For us, the most important aspect when we read the review is how the company handles it, and Wealthy Affiliate always answered and offer solutions.  It is a good sign of a great company.

      Thank you for sharing your thought with us, and thank you for revisiting our site.

      All the best,

      Kalle & Marie

  8. Hey 

    I should mention that I love your website mission ‘to get families to work together.’ That is my deepest heart desire to work with my husband. I will be showing him your website.

    Secondly, you have touched on the most important subject, the power of working within a community; the adage nobody is an island applies to business. We all need support, inspiration, and to brainstorm with others to succeed. Thank you for the article. 

    • Hi Bogadi,

      We are so glad that you want to share this article with your husband. We want to share our tips on how to work with your spouse. You can visit the article. here

      Yes, we are so blessed to be part of such an awesome community – Wealthy Affiliate. You can try for free for 7 days, and participate in one of the best training on building a successful and strong foundation for your online business. Sign up for free here!

      Thank you for taking the time to read our article and share your thought. 

      All the best,

      Kalle & Marie

  9. Oh, this is such awesome information. I’ve recently heard about Wealthy Affiliate from my friend because it can teach me how to do online business. There is a lot of positive reviews of them, so that I might give this a try. The monthly cost is quite reasonable too. Can I ask, do you need to be an English native to be successful in online business? My English is so-so, and it makes me not really confident 🙁

    • Hi Alblue,

      Thank you for your comment.

      We are not native English speaking, We used Grammarly to check our grammar, and we wrote an article about this subject –Should you hire a freelance writer?

      I hope the above information helps.  Please do not hesitate to leave contact us should you need assistance with your online business.

      All the best,

      Kalle & Marie

  10. Starting a business some years ago was a very costly en-devour. And I have always wanted to run a family business with my loved ones. You have brought back hope to me and I am excited about this community you’re talking about. I can’t wait to give thy platform a try. Thank you very much! 

    • Hi Ann,

      Yes, it would help if you gave a try.  And by the way, you can access the most important step in starting your online business. You will have the 7 days access to (in our opinion) the best online training on how to start a profitable online business and access to the awesome community site. You only have to pay USD 19.00 in the first month instead of USD 49.00 if you decided to join the premium within 7 days. 

      Use this link to register, Welcome!

      All the best,

      Kalle & Marie


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